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Whether you're purchasing a home, refinancing, renewing, or considering an equity takeout, you should be confident about your finance decisions. I offer valuable insight throughout the process, save you time and find the mortgage that best suits your personal situation.
  • Expertise
    I offer independent expert advice on your financial options. Because I'm not tied to a specific lender or products, I can offer you mortgage products that best match your specific needs.
  • Save time with one-stop shopping
    Don't spend valuable time meeting with competing mortgage lenders. I can quickly narrow down the list of lenders who will help you achieve your financial goals. It's fast, easy, and convenient.
  • No charge to you
    There's absolutely no charge for my services on typical residential mortgage transactions. Like many other professional services, such as insurance, mortgage brokers are paid a finder's fee when we introduce dependable clients to a financial institution.

I also offer the following services
Purchase Financing
Buying a home is one of the biggest financial transactions you will make. Don’t go it alone! As a mortgage professional, I have helped many first-time home buyers and move-up buyers go through the process. I will share my experience and knowledge so you can make informed decisions every step along the way, from the moment you decide to buy your home to the moment you move in.
Refinance & Renewal
It’s always a good time to think about your finances and your mortgage, especially if you’re carrying debt and are sitting with equity in your home. With credit card interest rates often pushing the 20% range, and mortgage rates hovering around 2.79 % for a five-year fixed rate, refinancing becomes an attractive option. If your mortgage is up for renewal, paying off high-interest debts may be a smart thing to do. Like all financial decisions, you need to look at the bigger picture, which includes reviewing your goals.
Reverse Mortgages
A reverse mortgage is a loan secured against the value of your home. However, unlike a traditional first mortgage, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a second mortgage, you are not required to make monthly mortgage payments for as long as you live in your home. And, you will maintain ownership and control of your home. There are no income requirements. There are guidelines and criteria that have to be met. It may not be the solution for everyone but it's an option to consider.
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I'm here to help with your mortgage, whether buying a new refinancing or renewing a mortgage.
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